Krewes Kare Bringing Relief Supplies to Tornado Victims Phil Campbell, AL

Tampa Bay’s Krewes Kare is actively communicating with the tornado victims of Phil Campbell, Alabama.  We’re allocating the funds you donate for the supplies they need most, and transporting them with the help of Penske Trucks.  We still need your help.  Please use the donate button to help however you can.  Thank you!


  1. Elaine Wilson

    Hi My hometown is Phil Campbell Ala and I have been up several times to check on family and friends and take supplies. They still need a lot.  They lost so many lives.  10% of the population.  It is a small community and everyone is related or knew the people who lost their lives and homes.   I have not heard of your organization. Is there a way that i can help the people in Phil Campbell that really need the supplies and money you are raising get to them?    Please let me know how to get in touch with you besides hitting the donate button.  I also live in Tampa. 

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