2012 Krash Report: “What a Great Party!”

That was the consensus of the hundreds of guests at this year’s Krewes Kare Krash Party–the “official” after-party of the Knight Parade. Joey Donovan and The Lint Rollers’ “Rolling Lint Revue” rocked the third floor of the Italian Cub and kept everyone dancing all night. D.J. Frank Bell had them dancing on the second floor, too, playing requests and keeping things hopping at what turned out to be another great year for The Party of the Year! Two delicious all-you-can-eat buffets and great service from two premium bars rounded out a fantastic event that was winning praise all over the venue. “This is the first time my girlfriend and I have done this party,” said a member of the Thieves of San Lorenzo. “We are really impressed. You guys did great.”

A giant thank you to the Italian Club for providing not only a great venue, but one of the best overall staffs we’ve ever worked with. Their hard work shined as busy barbacks worked to deliver ice, water, booze and mixers to drink stations serving two full floors of “professional” revelers. When they have a good time, we all have a good time. We take seriously the reviews we get–and this year, they were stellar.

Thanks, of course, to everyone from Krewes Kare who volunteered their time and effort to help us create such a mammoth event. Your selfless dedication is why we achieve what we do, and we are forever in your debt. Be proud that you are part of something really good.

And that’s why the biggest thanks goes to the Tampa Bay parade krewe community. Your participation in the Krewes Kare Krash Party and other fundraisers during the year is for a cause we passionately believe in and have put to work to help others in recent years. Every dime of the proceeds we receive goes to buy and fly in supplies to first responders in Gulf Coast disaster situations who are otherwise inaccessible. It’s because of your support–and that of the angel pilots we work with–that lives have and will continue to be saved in situations that seemed hopeless before. For that, we thank you.

We’re glad you enjoyed this year’s Krash Party. We’ll be busy over the next few weeks planning something even better for next year. We appreciate your support! See you at the Rough Rider’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

Here’s some of the pictures from the party. Sorry about the doubles! Still hung-over!!! LOL

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