Watching Matthew & Talking to First Responders

All of us at Krewes Kare are watching Matthew as he moves up the coast.  We are in direct contact with first responders who are going to let us know how we can help and when.  We are prepared to purchase the items the first responders request, and have teamed up with N E Where Transport to bring the supplies to the affected areas.
It’s been several years since a hurricane has hit Florida, but Krewes Kare has not gone anywhere.  Our organization represents all of Tampa Bay’s Gasparilla krewes who created this organization specifically to help in such situations.  We partnered with Angel Flight during Katrina and flew supplies to the first responders who were stuck in places regular vehicles couldn’t get into.  We have helped during other storms since, but save our resources for times just like this.
Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated, however, at this time, we are only looking for monetary donations.  You can donate securely online by choosing the donate button on the home page or by clicking here.
Continue to watch this website or our Facebook page for all the latest information!  Thank you for your support!

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